Monday 11th December - 18:30

School will open as usual at 8:45am for soft start tomorrow morning. The back gate will remain closed.


Please note there will be no breakfast club tomorrow morning.

Please take extra care on the surrounding roads as all pavements were very slippery today. With very cold temperatures forecast tomorrow, it will make the roads and pavements very dangerous.

Monday 11th December - 07:45am

We have taken the decision to close the school today due to heavy snow forecast and safety of the children and staff.

Thank you to the volunteers who turned up this morning to help clear paths. 

Current forecast is for -4 tonight, which will create treacherous conditions. Please Keep checking here for updates.

Thank You


Sunday 10th December

Depending on the ever changing foreacast, the amount of gritting and snow clearance that takes place and the weather tomorrow, I must warn parents that there is a risk that the school may be facing a full closure on Monday and that you MAY want to consider alternative arrangements for your children. 

Please be reassured that the school does not take lightly the discussion of a full closure. As Head, I need to ensure that we are adequately staffed and have a site which is suitable safe before allowing pupils or staff on the premises. As I am sure you will appreciate that we have a large number of staff who do not live in Barnet.

We will update you as soon as possible and by 7.30am tomorrow the latest.

Please note the back gate will remain locked and we will not use the roundabout until we are able to clear all snow away.

Thank you for your support.