Religious Education and Collective Worship

 Father Marius is our Vicar. He joined the Holy Trinity family in October 2016.

As a Church School, we are guided by Christian values and the example Jesus set for us. Through our RE lessons we deepen our understanding of the Christian faith and study the Bible. We regularly visit our local church, Holy Trinity.

To help prepare us for the multi-cultural society we live in, we also study other major world faiths including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, as well as learning about non-religious belief. Every class visits a different place of worship every year connected to the faiths we are learning about.

We take part in collective worship (assembly) every day. Different teachers and children lead the assemblies, which include Bible readings (often connected to our core Christian value), prayers and songs.

Monday - Worship through Song

Tuesday - Value focus

Wednesday - Bible focus led by Father Marius 

Thursday -  Christian Values

Friday - Celebration Assembly

Our School Prayer

Into your hands O Lord

We give ourselves this day

Be with us 'til its close

Help us to see that in doing our work

We are doing your will.

And in serving others, 

We are serving you.                                           Amen

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Point of contact: Sara Sheppard - Office Manager

SENCo - Annabel Wharton

Acting Chair of Governors - Emma Tsangrides 

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