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Dear  Parents/Carers, 

Over the last few weeks we have been researching the best resources for us to be able to help your children to consolidate and continue to learn at home. Curriculum Leaders have been made sure the resources we have chosen reflect the learning that takes place in school.

We are using the following resources in our planning (please see weekly planners for full information)

English: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom  


Reading: First News (put on class Dojo Weekly)


Please click on your child's year group below to access planning information for your child/ren.











We appreciate this is a very challenging time so we have put together a page of 'general' resources which has access to a variety of online or printable resources We will also be collating year group specific resources.

If your child is feeling particularly anxious there are some useful tips and activities  under , 'links for parents of children with SEN'.  These can be useful for all children.


Although our website contains many activities and lessons for your child , please do not feel under undue pressure to complete these as  their wellbeing both physically and emotionally will be your main priority. The school fully understand this and together we will work side by side in the best interests of the children during these exceptional circumstances.

The links below have access to more than one year group. Please follow the link to find activities for your child.










Online French Lessons 


Music Home Resources - provided by BEAT (Barnet Education Arts Trust)

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Point of contact: Sara Sheppard - Office Manager

SENCo - Annabel Wharton

Acting Chair of Governors - Emma Tsangrides 

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