Who are the governors and what do we do?

As governors we are ultimately responsible for the academic standards, achievement and progress, as well as the

well-being of the children of Holy Trinity School.


We are here to support the Headteacher as a ‘critical friend’. In doing so we play our part in raising the school’s standards. We take on a great deal of strategic work for the school to ensure its smooth running. We oversee the organisation, curriculum and budget of the school whilst the day-to–day running is the responsibility of Roz Kimani and her staff. We are dedicated volunteers who meet regularly for both full Governing Board meetings and for Committee meetings where the work is shared out. We are passionate about the school’s wellbeing and aim to bring a range of skills, expertise, knowledge and interests to the school. Our Governing Board consists of Foundation Governors, appointed by various church bodies, Local Authority Representatives, Staff and Parent Governors. There are also three Associate Governors, appointed for a particular area of expertise.


As a Governing Body, we are very proud of our school and it is very much our aim is to as be transparent and approachable as possible. This means that full Governing Board and Committee meeting minutes are available for viewing via the school office. Many of us are parents or staff at the school and all of us come into the school as often as we can. If you spot us in the playground you are welcome to speak to us about any aspect of the school and if we can’t help you we will be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Alternatively please email us at


Below is a list of our current Governors:


Chair of Governors:           Mr Tom Avery, Mr David Powell

Foundation Governors:     Father Marius Mirt, Mr  Brian Hooper, Mr Neil Rymer 

                                          Mr Tom Avery, Mrs Alice Eady Ketchell, Mrs Marsha Bull


LDBS Governor:                Mrs Hannah Forster

Parent Governors:             Mrs Tamarin Arden, Mr Matthew Collis

Staff Governors:                Mrs Roz Kimani, Ms Sara Sheppard

Associate Member:           Mrs Emma Tsangarides, Mr Matteo Lanzini

LA Governor:                     Mr David Powell

Clerk to the Governors:     Ms Sam Murray