Holy Trinity School prides itself on good school attendance and good punctuality. A number of initiatives have been implemented in the school, to raise both pupil and parent awareness of this issue and the benefits of good attendance for the school and the wider community.

What is counted as ‘absence’?

Authorised and unauthorised absence counts toward the overall attendance figures for your child. When you have called in to notify school that your child is ill, this is recorded as an ‘absence’ and included in the percentage in the overall attendance. Below is a table which shows the different number of days for each term for red, amber and green notification. 


Percentage of Attendance:

Equivalent number of days absent up to the end of Autumn Term

Equivalent number of days absent up to the end of Spring Term

Equivalent number of days equivalent up to end of Summer Term

97% +

Up to 2 days absent during Autumn term

Up to 4 days absent in Autumn + Spring term

6 days absent a year

96% - 94%

between to 2.5  and 4 days absent during Autumn term

between to 5  and 8 days absent during Autumn + Spring term

7-12 days absent in  an academic year

94% and below

More than 4 days absent  during Autumn term

More than 8 days absent in Autumn + Spring term

More than 12 days absent in an academic year


We are fully aware that sometimes children are ill or have medical appointments. However would ask you for your co-operation in booking medical appointments out of school time or come in before and/or after the appointment. If your child is unwell, please phone the school and let them know the reason for the absence and then please follow up with any medical information including an appointment confirmation (text, letter, card) or a prescription note if medication is provided.



Taking holidays in school time is not allowed.  Parents may ask for leave of absence for exceptional circumstances only and should expect a fixed-penalty notice for each child if they do not have the head teacher’s permission.


Exceptional Leave of Absence Request Form